I currently offer the following natural wellbeing therapies as mobile/home or workplace treatments.

For females only.

They are complementary therapy treatments and not recommended as a substitute for professional medical advice. 

To book an appointment please call 01278 427778 or 07812667911, email melblackshaw@gmail.com or go to booking page to request an appointment.

This ancient art of manipulating and stimulating points on the foot and ankle works the whole body and mind.  Each part of the foot relates to and affects a part of the body, and often hidden patterns in our emotions and mind can be seen in the feet and addressed through the treatment.  It is a wonderfully relaxing, yet non invasive treatment.  Useful for balancing the body and mind, hormonal issues, fertility issues, pain relief, digestive disorders and stress and anxiety related conditions. 
1 hour treatment  £37


An ancient Japanese healing art, reiki means Universal life energy. Pure healing energy is transferred through the hands to activate your body's natural ability to heal itself.  The therapist's hands are placed on or over specific points on the body as the healing energy flows, clearing and releasing energy blockages.   A very gentle, non invasive yet powerfully relaxing and soothing experience.


1 hour treatment  £37

Add reiki energy to another treatment extra £10


Reiki Treatment
Aromatherapy massage
The healing power of touch combined with the therapeutic effects of essential oils to ease away your cares.

Massage has many benefits for the body and mind, for example easing stress related conditions, sleep problems, pain and stiffness in the body, improving circulation and muscle tone and aiding weight loss.

A blend of oils will be created to suit your own needs.
Full treatment  £47
Back, neck, shoulders  £35
Seated head, neck and shoulders  £35
Therapeutic Tarot and oracle card readings
To gain clarity and insight into an aspect of your life, I use the cards to help with guidance from a therapeutic angle.  I have several different decks and layouts depending on your needs.  Please note I am not a fortune teller!  Readings are for therapeutic guidance only.  Can be booked in person or online via zoom.
£35 per session

Tarot Reading